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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Foundation Board members meeting at Harvard Club in New York.

John G. Callahan (left) and William M. Noé attend presentation on advances in the treatment of Melanoma.


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The Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies
is a 501(c)3 non profit charitable organization.

Foundation Mission

Advancing the understanding, protection and treatment of the skin. Expanding the level of excellence in skin health globally.

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Focus on Children

Our children's books are aimed at educating children, their parents and educators on safe-sun playing outdoors.


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Promoting Education

Top priority for the Foundation is the global problem this generation faces front and center: the threat to skin health posed by the environment.

As the ozone layer becomes depleted, the protective atmosphere is reduced. More ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaches the earth's surface. This is particularly harmful, as UVB radiation can cause damage to human skin, eyes and immunity. Children are at high risk, as their protective body mechanisms are still in the formative stage. It is estimated that by the time one reaches 18 years of age, one has already received 80% of one's lifetime exposure to UV radiation. Therefore, epidemological studies emphasize that reducing excessive sun exposure and sun burning early in life is key to reducing the chances of having a skin cancer occurance later in life.

The World Health Organization estimates that 2 to 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers appear annually, with an additional 132,000 melanomas occuring globally each year. They have identified that two thirds of these cases can be prevented by regular safe-sun practices.

The number of new cases is compelling. We must close the gap of new cases now. We have the knowledge. We must get parents and educators to bring home the message to children that safe-sunning starts now. At the Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies we will be writing, publishing and providing children's books to parents, physicians and educators -- this is our first education initiative. We want to make skin protecting as routine as buckling up the seat belt. Every minute one new skin cancer patient dies. We must act now against this growing threat. Safe-sun practices are within the reach of us all.

Dr. William Levis, Dermatologist
Director of Education and the Foundation's Skin Cancer Task Force

Targeting Research

The Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies will pursue several research initiatives. Some clinical studies will be independent and others will be collaborative, in order to permit the scientists and research to best utilize the endowment. At the top of the list comes the following research agenda.

The Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies salient research areas and study goals:

  1. Photo protection beyond sun screens; the role of cytoprotectants in the prevention of sun damage (skin cancer, pre-cancer and skin aging.)
  2. Optimizing skin barrier repair and maintenance;  studying the role of physiological osmolytes/anti-inflammatories in xerotic and inflammatory skin disorders.

With the aim of providing better treatments of the skin for the global population, research project grants will be given to those individuals and to work which is deemed central to advancing the Foundation's mission.

The Foundation will translate research findings into useful information to improve treatments and to enhance the quality of life for those burdened with skin disease.

Foundation Scientific Research and Development Funding Emphasis

  1. Topical immunomodulators and other novel entities for the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune, hyperproliferative and neoplastic disorders of the skin.
  2. New approaches to topical and systemic photoprotection and cytoprotection.
  3. Novel topical drug delivery systems with particular emphasis on topical nanotechnologies for both topical and systemic drug administration.

from the Board

Today we are in a unique position. We have the information to begin to save lives. Now even one skin cancer sufferer is injurious to us all. It is incumbent upon us to pick up the challenge, to engage, and conquer this global skin disease.

It is a privilege for the Board of the Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies to bring together luminaries from science and business who offer their expertise so that together we can create and implement skin health solutions. As the global population ages and the earth's protective atmosphere depletes, skin health demands our cogent, concerted response.

Let us work together to empower all people with skin intelligence.

Let us reach and sustain the highest level of skin health excellence.

Let us achieve it now, for ourselves and for our future.


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Core Emphasis

Early Skin Education

Children need sun protection the most. Teaching children and parents with books and learning programs.

Funding Research

We must strengthen skin cancer defense. Disseminating new technology for immediate practical benefit.

Lessening Disease Burden

Skin cancer is growing at an alarming rate. Collaborating on funding projects to reduce the number of new cases yearly.

Global Environmmental Impact

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Building regimens for responsible skin care for all.

Skin literacy for everyone

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